I’m dreaming of an Alternative Christmas

I just wonder if there are other females out there who feel the same as me about the seasonal party wear.  You go around the shops, and you see the same type of outfits every year. It’s all glitz, sequins, lace, glitter, sparkle and more sparkle. Now don’t get me wrong I love a bit of sparkle and shine, the same as the next person but sometimes it’s just too much.  I am someone who likes to stand out from the crowd, be a bit unique and look less like a Christmas decoration when I am attending that once a year Christmas Party.  I absolutely love vintage fashion, and I love clothes so it can be deflating wandering around the High Street, trying on the same party look that I didn’t like last year, and the year before that!  So what’s a girl to do? Go alternative!

Let me share with you my top alternative hints, tips and stylish looks for this party season:

  • Find a Party Dress! That’s right even those of you who live in trousers and jeans all year round, should indulge in a little bit of dressing up at this time of year. There are styles to suit all body shapes and sizes. See our looks below by Voodoo Vixen to give you the perfect alternative party look:

Dresses - all

  • Get those party shoes out! Now it is crucial that you find a pair that are comfortable and will last you the whole evening, especially if you are like me, and you really like to boogie on down on the dance floor. I really don’t want to be that person at the end of the night dancing around my shoes. There are also loads of flat party shoes too, so you don’t have to wear heels, and if you do, it is worth investing in a pair of gel filled party insoles to stop that aching feeling in your feet.
  • Accessorise! Well if there was ever a time to have a bit of fun with your accessories, this is definitely the time of year to do it. Dig out those dangly earrings, cocktail rings, gold or vintage clutch bags. Bling it on! We like to add some alternative accessories to our look:

Bag and gloves

  • Tights, Fake Tan or Natural, this is an individual preference definitely I am 100% a tights person, but some ladies prefer to go for a spray tan before a night out and other ladies just prefer to look pale and interesting. The decision is entirely yours. Check out these fabulous tights:

tights - all

  • Hair Dos! After finding the perfect party dress, this is probably my next favourite thing about getting ready for the Christmas Party. So many hairstyles to choose from: Marilyn Curls, Victory Rolls, Gibson Tuck, Finger Waves or Beehive

Hair - all

Images courtesy of http://www.thefrisky.com/photos/6-vintage-hairstyles-to-try-today

  • Makeup! Gosh if you are into the alternative look, there are so many fabulous makeup ideas out there, and you can also indulge a bit more at this time of year: Vampy Vintage Lips, Smoky Retro Eyes or a glamorous pale Gothic look


Images courtesy of http://www.fashionstylemag.com/2015/beauty/vintage-makeup-looks-with-makeupforever

Last but not least, have fun and enjoy yourself!

A Very Merry Christmas to One and All

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