Our VIP Invite to London Edge 2016

London Edge

So, on Sunday 6th February the Alternative Rebellion crew donned our winter coats, vintage of course, and headed off from the Northamptonshire countryside to the big smoke.  It was an early start, especially for a Sunday and pretty cold too, but there was an element of excitement in the air about the day ahead.

For those who don’t know, London Edge is an Alternative Fashion Trade Show.  It’s one of those events where a variety of alternative brand suppliers showcase their coming or next season stock.  This Season it was held in Olympia West in London.  I have been to many trade shows in the past, and this was quite small in comparison, but it had a large impact.

Anyway, the day got off to a great start. As the in-house blogger, I got to see the Alternative Rebellion Headquarters for the first time, it was a great opportunity to see the stock, and it did not disappoint.  Martin and Sandra, very kindly took me in their car to the event and on the way there we stopped at the motorway services.  We had a real giggle when we saw lots of vintage red London buses in the car park and that kind of set the tone for the rest of the day.


When we arrived at London Edge, we met up with Sarah, our resident social mediator and we put a plan into place about what the main purpose of the day would be.  My role, alongside taking in all the various brands, was to photograph and basically record the day for you guys.  Let me tell you what an awesome role that was. Sarah was busy tweeting beside me, and Martin and Sandra were busy buying in some new brands, but more on that later.

Our first view as we entered the West Hall was an amazing Pin-Up Academy, where all the girls were dressed up in 1950s retro inspired beautician outfits, and they were doing full-on retro make overs that looked amazing.  If I had been there for more than one day, I would definitely have gone for one of these, it looked so much fun.

make over 2

With an exciting day planned, I couldn’t wait to see the full range of my favourite brands on our Website:

  • Hearts & Roses
  • Collectif
  • Voodoo Vixen
  • Banned

However, we were also there to look and observe other brands too. Going to the ladies’ loos was an interesting experience when you are faced with models covering themselves in talcum powder in order to squeeze into the latex dresses that they were showcasing, but the models were lovely and friendly and happy to talk. 

We chatted to some amazing people who are so passionate about their brands. We visited The Ragged Priest and talked to James, who owned the Company. This range was very 60s & 70s inspired, with cut out dresses and the most amazing tasselled white leather jacket that I have ever seen.  Since it would retail at £200, I don’t think we will be stocking this anytime soon, but hey a girl can dream.

priest 2

Next, we went to see the lovely ladies at Motel, with their Flower Power dresses and swimwear, I was utterly smitten. We then chatted to the people at The Seamstress of Bloomsbury; they supplied authentic reproduction dresses from the 40s and 50s using the archives from The V&A Museum in London, even using the same rayon fabric and hook and eyes instead of zips on their stunning dresses. They gave us some freebies, a vintage embroidered handkerchief and a floral headscarf.

We watched two catwalk shows to get some styling inspiration for the next shoot and also just to get an idea of what everyone is wearing.


After lunch Martin and Sandra showed us the new brand that they are about to introduce, Hell Bunny, a range which is 50s rockabilly inspired with some fabulous prints.  The pieces that Sandra chose will fit in so well on the website for summer with polka dot playsuits, swing skirts, bowling shirts and high-waisted shorts.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of people watching and catching up with our current suppliers.  I also watched two photoshoots that were taking place.  What can I say? Everyone looked amazing, with an incredible amount of effort in not only their outfits, their hair and make-up too.

fashion 2

All that is left to say is, when is the next show?

Thanks to everyone at Alternative Rebellion, I am sure I can speak for us all and say what an amazing day we had.