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2 Days

2 Photoshoots

2 Competition Winners

Back in February this year we ran a competition to win a fantastic photoshoot and one of our exclusively designed Vest Tops. We were looking for people who are really into their alternative / gothic look and wanted you to share your selfies with us so that we can see, and be inspired by what our customer is wearing. We got a great insight into what you guys like and it was very difficult to pick a winner. In fact, it was so difficult that we chose two winners who are really into their gothic / alternative look.

What followed on from that was two incredibly successful photoshoots in different parts of the Midlands

Competition Winner 1

Name: Parisa Tavassolian

Data: 23rd April

Venue: Studio3bySevern, Nottingham


Parisa_2The first photoshoot took place in Nottingham in a studio that we had never used before. We had a make-up artist on hand and we were also joined by our fabulous and regular AR model Molly.

As you can see Parisa is a great alternative / gothic model looking and feeling at ease with the camera.


Our first competition winner Parisa Tavassolian





Parisa spent more than 2 hours at the studio with a professional make-up artist, who created a gothic look with dark eye shadow and a purple lipstick to match the trousers and shoes that she was modelling. Accessories were also added to this look to give it more impact.




Molly also joined us on the day to share modelling tips and also to complete some looks from the previous photo shoot in April.


Regular Alternate Rebellion model Molly, sharing modelling tips with our competition winner

Competition Winner 2

Name: Denisa Vinczeova

Models: Kat and Sammi

Data: 23rd April

Venue: The Barn, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Our second winner, who travelled from further afield to join us for the next photoshoot, was Denisa and alongside her were two brand new models to The Alternate Rebellion, Kat and Sammi. We chose another studio that we have never been to be before just outside Stratford-Upon-Avon. This has become our new favourite studio to use, because not only does it have amazing studio space, but we were also able to shoot outdoors in what can only be described as farming and outbuildings. These outdoor shots gave us the perfect setting for the looks that we were trying to create and we just can’t wait to get them uploaded on to the website.


Denisa is modelling our AR exclusive designed vest top that she also won as a prize

Denisa is modelling our AR exclusively designed vest top that she also won as a prize

Denisa was also a natural in front of the camera and she also has a natural gothic look with her long dark hair and has a remarkable look of Helena Bonham-Carter about her too.



We also had a make-up artist on hand to add the darkness to the eyes and lips. Both of the competition winners chose the same Spiral vest top to wear for the photo shoot.





As our regular model Gemma is now off to Disney to be a princess and Molly will soon be heading to America, we thought we would take the time to try out two new alternative models Sammi and Kat. Along with the great new surroundings, our two new models fitted in just perfectly with the looks that we were trying to create. Take a look at the images below, and see for yourself.

Denisa with our new AR model Kat

Denisa with our new AR model Kat

Gothic photoshoot at The Barn Studios, Stratford-Upon-Avon